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Tiger TMS Cloud Driver


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Tiger TMS Cloud Driver

Tiger TMS Cloud Driver

The Tiger TMS cloud driver allows access to the room occupancy data available within the Tiger TMS iLink Cloud Dashboard.

Tiger TMS iLink is compatible with over 100 Property Management Systems (PMS) used within the hospitality industry.

The interface allows room occupancy states to be learnt and polled at a regular interval.  The room occupancy states can then be used to further integrate systems within a building to achieve optimal energy efficiency.  For example:

  • Lighting Control
  • Air Conditioning Control
  • Heating Control
  • General Energy Reduction

Tiger TMS system should be fully configured and working before starting the Niagara integration.

The Niagara device (Controller / Web Supervisor) will require an outbound internet connection to connect the Tiger TMS.

  • Secure Cloud Connection
  • Discovery of all Rooms / Locations
  • Discovery of all Rooms / Location Occupancy States
  • Licence packs to suit every project
  • Requires Global Capacity Point Licenses


Niagara 4 Support
  • Niagara 4.10
  • Niagara 4.11
  • Niagara 4.12
  • Niagara 4.13
  Platform Support
  • Web Supervisor
  • JACE8000
  • JACE9000
  • Tyrrell eBMS IoT Range
  • Honeywell CIPer
  • ISMA MAC36
  • Lynxspring EDGE 534 / 514
  • Phoenix Contact ILC
  Brand Support Tridium / Centraline / Distech / Honeywell / JCI / Schneider / Trend   License Options Room Occupancy Points Requires Global Points*   Software Maintenance All new purchases support the current release and next release of Niagara 4



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