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Tyrrell Products is a Tridium 2024 Platinum Distributor, offering access to extensive range of innovative solutions. Explore Tridium range

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Explore a cost effective approach to procuring Smart IoT devices with Tyrrell Products’ exclusive Trade Account. By registering for free, gain privileged access to competitive pricing across our diverse range of products. 

Embrace the convenience and cost-effectiveness of our Trade Account, designed specifically to cater to the needs of businesses and professionals seeking cutting-edge IoT solutions. Whether you’re outfitting a commercial property, implementing smart technology in a residential development, or integrating IoT devices into your industrial operations, Tyrrell Products has you covered.

Register for your free Trade Account and embark on a smarter, more cost-effective approach to sourcing the latest in IoT technology. 

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Explore a world of affordability and convenience when you shop online with us, where great prices meet exceptional quality.

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All your spending accumulates towards an even bigger discount if you choose to join Tyrrell Products Loyalty Scheme​.


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*Additional discount on our most popular products:

  • Tridium range
  • Tyrrell Products controllers
  • Tyrrell Products eBMS/IO modules
  • Tyrrell Products eBMS/LT-IO modules
  • Milesight product range
  • Tyrrell Products software drivers

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