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Tyrrell Products is accredited Tridium Niagara 4 Training partner

Niagara 4 Training

Live/instructor-led online Tridium Niagara 4 Training enables our customers to operate more efficiently, deliver fantastic projects, and deliver them faster. We are now excited to be the FIRST training centre to offer a Remote version of the FULL 5-Day TCP Course with exam on the Friday, delivered completely remotely from the comfort of your own home.

Enroll in the Tyrrell Products Tridium course to become a certified Niagara 4 TCP engineer

The Tyrrell Products Niagara 4 TCP course offers a comprehensive 5-day program, facilitated by Tyrrel Products’ proficient in-house trainers, certified by Tridium. Tailored for System Integrators, IoT professionals, OEMs, and distributors, this course is structured to equip participants with the skills necessary for designing, engineering, and programming projects within the Niagara 4 framework, employing a hands-on approach through various lab exercises.

Delivered through a virtual classroom setting, the course accommodates a maximum of six students, eliminating the need for extensive travel and costly accommodation. Emphasising practicality, the program culminates in an examination that evaluates the students’ grasp of the course modules. Successful candidates will receive a certification through the Tridium University website.

 All essential equipment is provided, requiring students only to have a stable internet connection and a browser. Participants will remotely connect to a dedicated training PC running a Tridium Workbench, linked to a demonstration Jace via Zoho, while the instructional component occurs via Zoom.

 For those interested in further personal study beyond the course, a training kit is available for purchase. Each course intake is limited to six individuals, ensuring an optimal learning environment that fosters active interaction between students and the course trainer.

Expertise & competence

Niagara 4 is a sophisticated framework for building automation, and certification ensures that staff possesses the necessary expertise to work effectively within this environment. Certified employees are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to design, engineer, and program projects efficiently.

Meeting industry standards

Certification from Tridium demonstrates that staff meets or exceeds industry standards. This can be particularly important in sectors where adherence to specific regulations and standards is crucial, such as in building automation and controls.

Scalability & flexibility

Certified staff are better positioned to handle the complexities of projects involving the Tridium Niagara Framework. This makes it easier for your organisation to scale operations and take on a variety of projects, contributing to business growth and adaptability.

22 July 2024

17 August 2024

23 September 2024

5-day remote training & certification

About a week prior to the commencement of the training course, our team will proactively share crucial information with trainees, urging them to register on Niagara. This step is highly valuable, as it grants access to complimentary training resources available on the Niagara community website, along with pre-course notes. Engaging in this process allows trainees to familiarize themselves with the course materials and compile a list of potential queries. Additionally, Tridium offers a wealth of resources, making it worthwhile to opt-in for direct updates from Tridium by ticking the corresponding box. This ensures trainees stay well-informed and fully equipped for an enriching learning experience.

  • Course introduction
  • Overview of WorkBench
  • Creating a station and Basic components
  • Tagging
  • Modbus Driver
  • Adding alarm extensions and history (logging) extensions
  • Control logic – KitControl Thermostat and LeadLag
  • Accordion Content
  • Customising using palettes and shortcuts
  • Wiresheet including Control Loop Logic
  • Tagging, templating and Hierachies
  • Entity relationships
  • Commissioning the JACE 8000
  • Site checks
  • Bacnet Driver
  • Lon Network Driver (optional)
  • PX Graphics with PX Include
  • Creating templates
  • Dashboards
  • Navigation
  • Category Service, Users and roles
  • Station templates
  • Integration – Web Supervisor
  • Station services – overview
  • Platform – overview
  • Review and re-enforce days 1 – 3 (small-scale project)
  • Niagara4 Technical Certification exam.

At Tyrrell Products, we deeply value our clients and partners, reflecting our genuine commitment to their well-being. For trainees and individuals who successfully complete our Tridium Niagara 4 Certifications, we provide specialized technical support packages. Moreover, organizations partnered with Tyrrell Products enjoy automatic inclusion in our exclusive Tridium Niagara Support Package. To delve into the details of this offering, explore the Tridium Niagara Support page [linked here](insert hyperlink).

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