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An integration gateway is a centralised platform or system that facilitates the seamless communication and integration of diverse building systems and devices. The primary goal of an integration gateway is to enable interoperability and data exchange between various components within a smart building ecosystem.

By deploying an integration gateway, smart buildings can optimise resource utilisation, enhance energy efficiency, improve occupant comfort, and streamline building management processes. It plays a crucial role in the evolution of buildings into intelligent, interconnected ecosystems.

The Communicator LT2 stands as a well-established integration platform with a widespread presence, boasting thousands of installations worldwide. This robust platform excels in its support for over 260 diverse building systems, encompassing critical elements such as Building Management Systems (BMS), open protocols like Modbus and BACnet, lighting systems, fire alarm systems, intruder alarm systems, power meters, generators, UPS, and more.

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Communicator LT2

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