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1-year Tridium Licensing Server Access provides a comprehensive platform for efficiently managing licenses for Tridium's cutting-edge software solutions, tailored for applications in building automation and IoT. With this system, users gain seamless access to activate, oversee, and optimise their software licenses, empowering them to leverage the complete range of Tridium's product capabilities. Through streamlined features for license activation, monitoring, renewal, and upgrades, users can ensure compliance with licensing agreements while maximising resource allocation. Furthermore, the server offers access to invaluable support resources, bolstering users with assistance for any license-related inquiries or challenges they may encounter. 7 hours of remote support is included in this bundle.


Tridium’s Niagara Framework is widely used in building automation systems, IoT applications, and energy management systems. The Licensing Server Access is a component of Tridium’s licensing infrastructure that enables users to activate, manage, and monitor their software licenses. This server facilitates the distribution of license files to users and allows them to control the deployment of licenses across their systems. Users typically access the Tridium Licensing Server to:
  1. Activate Licenses: Users can activate purchased licenses for Tridium software products, enabling them to use the full functionality of the software.
  2. Manage Licenses: The server provides tools for managing licenses, including tracking usage, renewing subscriptions, and upgrading licenses as needed.
  3. Monitor Usage: Users can monitor license usage across their systems to ensure compliance with licensing agreements and optimize resource allocation.
  4. Access Support: The Licensing Server may also provide access to support resources, such as documentation, FAQs, and technical support services, to assist users with license-related issues.

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