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Communicator LT2

Communicator LT2

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Communicator LT2

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The Communicator LT2 is an established integration platform, with thousands of installations around the world.  The LT2 support interfaces for over 260 different building systems,  including BMS, open protocols such as Modbus & BACnet, lighting Systems, fire alarm systems, intruder alarm systems, power meters, generators, UPS etc.  The hardware unit has 1x power connector 12-24v. AC/DC, 1x 10MB Ethernet RJ45, 2x RS232 (RS485 with additional converter).  BACnet and Modbus are license free interfaces, all other interfaces require 1x 3rd party license each (maximum of 4x interfaces per device).


  • Established solution for over 15 years with 1000’s of installations
  • Multiple drivers per unit included (260+ available interfaces, max of 4x interfaces per device)
  • Options for 0 – 4 interface licensees (BACnet & Modbus license free)
  • No limit on driver points.
  • Modbus Master / Slave Configurations (Serial or TCP)
  • BACnet IP Master / Slave Configurations.
  • Unrivalled support for fire alarm systems (Advanced,Gent, Kentec, Kidde, Morley, Notifier, Protec, Rafiki, Ziton)
  • On-board protocol converter (any interface > BACnet or Modbus).  Max 640 points per device
  • On-board processing engine
  • On-board web server for basic point information
  • A fire approved battery backup unit is also available for the Communicator LT2
  • Low cost modbus based I/O range available
  • Pre-engineered solutions available

Product Codes

  • CM001010D – LT2 (No 3rd Party Drivers)
  • CM001011D – LT2 (1x 3rd Party Driver)
  • CM001012D – LT2 (2x 3rd Party Driver)
  • CM001010DB – LT2 (Boxed With PSU – No Drivers)
  • CM001011DB – LT2 (Boxed With PSU – 1 x Driver)
  • OX00902 – Additional Intelligent 3rd party Driver
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