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Physical and cellular connectivity that perfectly combines control, analytics and monitoring
Create a truly intelligent building with high performance, low cost I/O modules
Advancing truly open environments that harness the power of the Internet of Things
Advancing truly open environments that harness the power of the Internet of Things
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About Us

Tyrrell Products started in 2011, creating and building the best hardware and software for the IoT & building automation world. We are experts at working with the Tridium Niagara Framework. Tridium is a world leader in business application frameworks, advancing truly open environments that harness the power of the Internet of Things. We give you the power to integrate CCTV, heating, lighting and more, into one powerful system.

CrossTalk is a fire reporting and management tool that allows the integration of different makes of fire panels into one HTML based interface.

Tridium is a global leader in business application frameworks that have fundamentally changed the way devices and systems connect.

The eBMS/IO module range will allow you to connect every sensor, switch, actuator and relay in the most cost effective and flexible way.

The increased demand for Niagara4 as the choice of the building integration solutions has led to a growing desire to integrate Trend BMS systems.

I/O Calculator

Want a lower price on I/O on your next project? Why not take a visit to our  I/O Calculator. We developed our I/O Calculator to save you the hard work of shopping around and waiting around for quotes.

IO Calculator

Start your Tridium Partnership with Tyrrell Products today!

✓ Access to Tridium hardware and software
✓ Discounts across the powerful Tyrrell range
✓ Top quality support

Meet our Partners

We are the partners you need when scaling the IoT and BMS world. Our highly skilled team develop,design and engineer solutions for you to take, distribute and deploy to your customers. This means you can spend more time offering a full solution instead of pricing up and building your own jobs.

Why choose Tyrrell Products?

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Software & Hardware

Our highly skilled team develop, design and engineer solutions for you to distribute and deploy to your customers, meaning you can offer a full solution from our professional service.

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Product Distribution

We offer a wide range of IoT and BMS products, giving you the confidence to take on challenging jobs and further your engineers and business.

Our highly knowledeable and helful sales team can advise what product or solution will best suit your needs and help you get your job finished.

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Training & Certification

We are an Official Tridium Certified Training Centre offering BCIA award nominated training to budding engineers wanting to expand their knowledge.

Move into the IoT world and bring a new level of expertise to their skills and company. We also offer training on our own products and intyelligent building solutions such as CrossTalk3.1 and more.


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Exceptional Technical Support

We offer extensive support on all of our products. If you’re on site or in the office, we are on hand straight away to offer support by phone, email or online.

We also have all of our datasheets online so you can get the answers you need quickly to your technical questions.

What our customers think...

“Tyrrell offered world class support along with a powerful range of hardware and software, we know no matter the job, Tyrrell have a the right solution for us.”

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“We partnered with Tyrrell Products for the great discount on products compared to other Tridium dealers. Being new to the industry they helped support us and we have grown from strength to strength.”

Customer 2

“We trained our engineers with Tyrrell on their online Niagara 4 course, the course was fantastic, it gave our engineers the knowledge to help the business grow to the next level.”

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Tyrrell Products