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Uninterruptible Power Supply


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Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Milesight UPS101 Uninterruptible Power Supply is engineered to provide reliable power backup for your critical systems. With a high capacity of up to 12000 mAh, this UPS ensures prolonged endurance during power outages, safeguarding your devices and data. Its compact design, coupled with IP67 and IK08 protection ratings, guarantees durability in harsh environments, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Data protection is paramount, and the Milesight UPS101 delivers its seamless plug-and-play functionality, enabling hassle-free installation and operation. Equipped with real-time alarming features, it keeps you informed of any power anomalies, allowing prompt action to be taken. The tricolor indicator provides intuitive status updates, ensuring easy UPS performance monitoring.

Reliable, robust, and efficient, the Milesight UPS101 is the ideal solution for businesses and individuals seeking an uninterrupted power supply. Whether for security cameras, network equipment, or other critical systems, this UPS offers peace of mind, ensuring continuous operation even in the face of power fluctuations or outages. With its blend of high capacity, compact design, and advanced features, the Milesight UPS101 sets a new standard in power protection.


High Capacity up to 12000 mAh
The UPS01 offers a robust power supply solution boasting a capacity of 12000 mAh, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for terminal devices for up to 32 hours.

Data Protection
With its resilient power supply, the UPS01 guarantees seamless data transmission between terminal devices and remote platforms during power outages. Its integrated heating film enables operation in low-temperature environments, ensuring continuous power supply.

Plug and Play
Featuring Type-C and M12 interfaces, the UPS01 facilitates easy and swift operation, eliminating the need for costly trenching.

Compact Design with IP67 and IK08 Protection
Designed to meet the demands of modern technology, the UPS01 boasts a rugged design with IP67 and IK08 ratings, making it suitable for deployment in the harshest environments and critical missions.

Real-time Alarming
Utilizing cutting-edge technology, the UPS01 ensures device and network resilience by promptly alerting users to power outages, minimizing unnecessary maintenance downtime and ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

Tricolor Indicators
Equipped with tricolor indicators and intelligent internal logic for status display, the Milesight UPS01 enhances operational efficiency, facilitating quick decision-making based on real-time data.


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