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UC502 Multi-Interface Controller


Introducing the UC51x Solenoid Valve Controller from Milesight, designed to revolutionise smart water flow control and monitoring. This cutting-edge device offers unparallelled functionality, allowing users to seamlessly manage solenoid valves with precision and ease.

Equipped with advanced solenoid valve control capabilities, the UC51x ensures efficient operation, enabling users to regulate water flow with precision. Its autonomous operation feature empowers users with the flexibility to automate tasks, reducing manual intervention and streamlining operations. Additionally, the controller supports multicast for bulk control, facilitating simultaneous management of multiple valves for enhanced efficiency.

Built to withstand harsh environments, the UC51x boasts an IP67 rated enclosure, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging conditions. With optional internal and external antenna versions available, users can optimise connectivity based on their specific requirements. Furthermore, the device prioritises data integrity and reliability, offering peace of mind to users regarding the accuracy and consistency of their monitoring data. Thanks to its easy configuration via NFC, setup is intuitive and hassle-free, allowing users to quickly deploy the controller and start leveraging its powerful capabilities.


Enhance Your Irrigation System with Precision and Efficiency
The UC51x Series introduces a cutting-edge LoRaWAN® Solenoid Valve Controller designed to revolutionise automatic and precise irrigation. Seamlessly integrating with smart irrigation systems, it empowers users to implement flexible irrigation strategies tailored to specific needs, whether based on time, volume, or soil moisture levels.

Key Features:
Solenoid Valve Control:
With two outputs for connecting DC latching solenoid valves, the UC51x Series ensures seamless control over irrigation processes.

Multiple Control Modes:

Time-Based Control
Volume-Based Control
Moisture-Based Control (Works in collaboration with EM500-SMTC)

Water Flow Monitoring:
Equipped with two digital inputs for connecting pulse water metres, enabling precise measurement and control over water flow.

Programmable Unit per Pulse:
Facilitates precise irrigation by allowing customisation of irrigation units per pulse.

Flexible Power Options:
Choose between solar-powered or battery-powered configurations, adapting to your specific requirements.

Rugged Construction for All Environments:
Featuring an IP67-rated enclosure and an M12 connector, the UC51x Series ensures robust protection against water ingress, corrosion, and vibrations, guaranteeing reliable operation in challenging conditions.

Autonomous Operation:
Even without network connectivity, the UC51x Series autonomously executes preset commands, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Efficient Bulk Control with Multicast:
Utilise multicast for streamlined configuration of multiple devices, simplifying setup and enabling batch solenoid valve control, saving time and effort.

Internal and External Antenna Versions:
Enjoy flexibility in antenna placement to ensure optimal signal strength and range, even in environments with obstacles or challenging RF conditions.

Smart Agriculture Kit:
Experience seamless integration of advanced hardware and software for unparallelled IoT connectivity. Gain instant access to valuable data insights, advanced analytics, and immersive visualisation tools to revolutionise farming practises.

Key Features Include:
Remote Monitoring and Control
Store Capacity with 1,000 Sets of Historical Data Records
Support for Retransmission for Reliable Communication

LoRaWAN® Based
Ensuring penetrating signals and high compatibility with standard gateways and network servers.

Cloud Data Management
With a user-friendly Data Visualisation Dashboard, Automatic Triggers, Regular Reports & Real-Time Alerts, and Android & iOS App for easy device management.

NFC Configuration:
Simplify device setup and configuration wirelessly with NFC technology, enabling effortless switching on/off and configuration of devices.

Upgrade your irrigation system with the UC51x Series and unlock the power of precision and efficiency in agricultural practises.

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