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Trend emulator – Base licence pack


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Trend emulator – Base license pack


The Trend Emulator driver for Tridium Niagara 4 facilitates seamless integration between any Tridium instance (Web Supervisor or Controller) and a Trend 963 Supervisor. This integration empowers existing Trend Building Management Systems (BMS) to effortlessly incorporate third-party systems through the versatile Niagara Framework.

This driver establishes an emulated stand-alone Trend LAN for the 963 Supervisor to connect to. It creates one or more emulated IQ3 controllers, allowing these controllers to discover Points from the local Niagara 4 Station and export them as Sensors, Inputs, Drivers, Knobs, or Switches.

In addition to point discovery, the driver also supports the export of Tridium Schedules as Trend Time Zones, providing comprehensive control capabilities from the Trend 963 Supervisor. It's important to note that the driver operates in a 'Stand Alone' mode and is not configurable to sit on an existing Trend LAN. IC Comms connections to other Trend Controllers are not supported by this driver.

To implement this integration, the Trend 963 Supervisor can be configured with a new remote site connection, enabling the discovery of all emulated IQs and points for use in local graphics pages.

All Tyrrell-developed drivers include a software maintenance feature. Every new purchase of the driver will support the current release of Niagara 4(4.13) and the next release of Niagara 4(4.14), any subsequent upgrades will require a Trend emulator - Niagara version upgrade to be purchased.



Unified integration
  • Utilises 1 VCNC Connection (963 Connection) per driver
  • Supports the creation of 1 or more Emulated IQ3 Controllers
  • Allows 963 Supervisor to access any Tridium driver
Effortless configuration
  • Creates a unique LAN and VCNC for the JACE.
  • Enables the creation of single or multiple Virtual IQ’s (free of charge).
  • Implements automatic export of Points, including Sensors, Inputs, Drivers, Knobs, and Switches.
Seamless data export
  • Facilitates the automatic export of existing Tridium Histories as Plots
  • Enables the export of existing Tridium Schedules as Trend Time Zones.
Flexible licencing
  • Provides licence packs tailored to suit various project requirements
    • Trend emulator point upgrade
    • Trend emulator – Additional VCNC
    • Trend emulator – Tridium schedule
Exploration & trial
  • Includes a Demo mode for a 2-hour trial period, allowing users to explore functionality before committing to a full license
Adaptive system maintenance
  • Allows for the replacement of failing hardware with Tridium components while maintaining 963 Supervisor visibility
Open platform advantages
  • Unlocks your BMS potential with a fully open platform, promoting flexibility and adaptability.

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