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Semi Industrial LoRaWAN Gateway


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Semi Industrial LoRaWAN Gateway

Semi Industrial LoRaWAN Gateway

The Milesight UG65 Semi-Industrial LoRaWAN® Gateway is a cutting-edge solution engineered to revolutionize your IoT deployments. With an IP65 rating, this gateway is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring reliability and durability in both indoor and outdoor settings. Whether it's in rugged industrial environments or urban landscapes, the UG65 is your steadfast companion in expanding your LoRaWAN® network coverage.

Powered by an NXP Quad-Core Processor and integrated with the Semtech SX1302 LoRa Chip, the UG65 delivers exceptional performance and efficiency. This robust hardware combination ensures seamless data processing and transmission, facilitating smooth communication between IoT devices and network servers. With multiple backhaul connectivities, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 4G LTE, the UG65 offers versatility in connectivity options, allowing for seamless integration into various network infrastructures.

Moreover, the UG65 comes equipped with an embedded network server and is compatible with multiple network servers, providing flexibility and scalability in network management. Supporting global LoRaWAN® frequency plans, this gateway facilitates deployment across diverse geographical locations, making it an ideal choice for enterprises seeking to establish or expand their IoT networks on a global scale. With the Milesight UG65, unlock the full potential of your IoT applications with unparalleled reliability, performance, and compatibility.

Elevate Connectivity, Embrace Infinite Potential
Introducing the UG65: Your Gateway to Superior Connectivity


Experience Excellence with Unrivaled Performance
Harnessing cutting-edge hardware, the UG65 redefines performance standards, ensuring swift data processing and seamless operation.

NXP 64-bit Quad-Core Processor

Empowered by Next-Gen LoRa Technology
The UG65 is equipped with the state-of-the-art Semtech SX1302 chip, enabling efficient management of high data traffic with minimal power consumption.

Key Features Include:
Full-Duplex Capability
Support for SF5 & SF6
LoRaWAN® Class A/B/C Compatibility

Unlock Unparalleled Signal Reach
With its robust design, the UG65 enables long-range communication, extending connectivity up to 2 km in urban environments with unparalleled reliability.

Seamless Device Integration
The UG65 effortlessly handles data from up to 8 end-devices simultaneously and can support a network of up to 2000 end-devices, ensuring seamless connectivity for diverse applications.

Versatile Antenna Options
Equipped with integrated internal antennas for LoRa, Cellular, and Wi-Fi, the UG65 also offers an optional external LoRa antenna for enhanced signal coverage.

Enhancing Gateway Fleet Management
The Gateway Fleet feature streamlines data transmission by allowing multiple agent gateways to relay information to a central controller gateway, simplifying the deployment and administration of LoRaWAN® networks.

Enhanced Compatibility with Various Network Servers
Gateway Fleet seamlessly integrates with a range of network servers, including Embedded Network Server, LoRa Basics™ Station, and AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN®, ensuring compatibility with mainstream network infrastructures.

Integration with Building Management Systems via BACnet
Leveraging BACnet over LoRaWAN®, Gateway Fleet facilitates seamless integration with building management systems. This integration allows LoRaWAN® to serve as a data channel for control applications without requiring any modifications to existing BACnet protocols or infrastructure.

Complementary Role of LoRaWAN® Networks
Operating independently from the core BACnet infrastructure, LoRaWAN® networks feed data to building management systems through a virtual BACnet server. This integration seamlessly incorporates LoRaWAN® data and sensors into the BACnet system.

Cloud-Based Data Management
Efficiently visualize data through a comprehensive dashboard, offering real-time insights at a glance. The system also supports automatic triggers for interactive collaboration with Milesight IoT sensors, enabling scene-based automation. Receive regular reports and real-time alerts, ensuring data-driven decision-making, all managed conveniently through Android and iOS apps.

Flexible Installation Options
With versatile installation methods including wall mounting, desktop mounting, and pole mounting, Gateway Fleet offers flexible deployment solutions to suit various environments and requirements.


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