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PointGrab cloud – Base licence pack


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PointGrab cloud – Base licence pack


The PointGrab Cloud driver allows access to the data reported by your CogniPoint devices to the
PointGrab Cloud Dashboard. Supported devices include:
  • CogniPoint Sensors
Your PointGrab system should be fully configured and working before starting the Niagara

The Niagara device (Controller / Web Supervisor) will require an outbound internet connection to
connect the PointGrab Cloud.

The PointGrab driver allows for the easy integration of CPMS Areas that have been configured in
the CogniPoint Management System (CPMS) and provides the occupancy count of those Areas.
The Niagara driver does not allow for individual CogniPoint devices to be connected directly (on
the basis that an Area will have at least one CogniPoint device within it).


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