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Outdoor Asset Tracker


Introducing the Milesight AT101 Outdoor Asset Tracker, your ultimate solution for safeguarding and managing critical assets with unparallelled precision and reliability. Designed to operate seamlessly anytime, anywhere, this advanced tracker boasts highly-accurate GNSS positioning technology, complemented by Wi-Fi positioning for enhanced accuracy. Equipped with geofencing capabilities, the AT101 ensures robust asset protection by defining virtual boundaries and triggering alerts upon breach.

Built to endure the harshest environmental conditions, the AT101 is rated IP67, offering complete protection against dust and water ingress. It’s IK09 rated transceiver guarantees exceptional impact resistance, ensuring continuous operation even in challenging scenarios. With versatile operation modes including motion, periodic, and timing modes, this tracker adapts to diverse asset monitoring requirements with ease, providing comprehensive coverage.

Setting up and configuring the AT101 is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly interface, which supports easy configuration via NFC or Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, with an impressive battery life exceeding 15 years, you can rely on the AT101 for long-term asset tracking without the hassle of frequent maintenance or battery replacements. Trust the Milesight AT101 to safeguard your critical assets with precision, durability, and efficiency, empowering you with peace of mind wherever your assets may be.


Enhanced Asset Tracking Anywhere, Anytime
Milesight AT101 stands out as an outstanding outdoor tracking solution, seamlessly integrating GNSS and Wi-Fi AP MAC Address Scanning technologies to provide impeccably precise positioning data. With additional tilt and temperature sensors, it facilitates comprehensive data collection, adapting flawlessly to diverse operational environments.

Precision Positioning at Its Peak
AT101 empowers asset and property owners to prioritise asset awareness by harnessing the synergy of GNSS and Wi-Fi positioning technologies.
Simultaneous Utilisation of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Beidou Systems
Support for Wi-Fi AP MAC Address Scanning
Wi-Fi Scanning Enhances Positioning Accuracy in Areas with Weak GNSS Signals

Tailored Work Modes for Versatile Applications
Choose from three distinct operational modes - motion, periodic, or timed tracking - ensuring efficient and seamless monitoring tailored to your specific requirements.

Vehicle Trajectory Access
Activate "Reporting Interval during Motion" under motion mode to trace vehicle trajectories, facilitating anti-theft positioning or progress monitoring.

Robust Asset Protection with Geofencing
Utilise geofencing to establish virtual perimeters around designated areas. Receive instant alerts when assets exit or enter defined zones.

Built to Withstand the Elements
Designed for durability, AT101 boasts an IP67 rating for resilience in harsh environments and an IK09 rated transceiver for impact resistance.

Industrial-Grade Security Features
Equipped with a tamper button to monitor device installation status, triggering alarms upon unauthorised disassembly attempts.

Effortless Configuration via Bluetooth
In addition to NFC configuration, AT101 supports seamless Bluetooth configuration for hassle-free setup.

Bluetooth Security Measures
Guard against malicious attacks with enhanced Bluetooth security features, including log tracking of unauthorised usage and increased waiting intervals for incorrect password entries.

Extended Battery Life for Long-Term Operation
Enjoy over 15 years of battery life with two daily position updates. Battery longevity varies based on update frequency, ensuring sustained performance.

Ample Data Storage and Reliable Communication
Store up to 1,000 sets of historical data records securely within the device. With support for data retransmission, ensure seamless communication even in intermittent network conditions.

Streamlined Cloud Data Management
Access a comprehensive data visualisation dashboard for instant insights. Benefit from automatic triggers for interactive collaboration with Milesight IoT sensors, enabling scene-based automation. Receive regular reports and real-time alerts via the Android and iOS app for effortless device management on the go.

Effortless Configuration Options
Easily configure devices wirelessly via NFC or Bluetooth. Seamlessly switch devices on/off and adjust settings with utmost convenience

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