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Niagara 4 Trend supervisor


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Niagara 4 Trend supervisor

Niagara 4 Trend supervisor

The Niagara 4 Trend Supervisor is the openly accessible supervisor for Trend BMS installations. The supervisor is powered by the very latest release of the Niagara Framework, ensuring your site is secure with the latest cyber security technology.

The Niagara 4 Trend Supervisor allows any Trend BMS to be unlocked and easily integrated to your wider site systems such as Air Conditioning, Metering, Lighting Control etc. All Tridium Niagara 4 standard features are available.

The Supervisor connects to any available VCNC on a Trend LAN. Once connected all controllers on the same LAN can be discovered. If multiple LANs are in use then additional Trend IP drivers should be loaded into the Niagara 4 Station.

The driver supports IQ4 / IQ3 / IQ2 / IQ1 range of devices and provides full discovery of all programmed components within.

The driver supports full control of Trend Time Zones allowing a Tridium Schedule to be assigned to a single or multiple Trend Time Zones.

The driver supports config mode for legacy controllers (IQ2 / IQ1) allowing the current configuration to be reviewed and updated.


  • Requires a VCNC connection per Trend LAN
  • Auto-discovery of VCNC connections
  • Auto-discovery of Trend Outstations
  • Support for IQ3 / IQ4 / IQ2 / IQ1 / IQeco / IQL
Auto-discovery of points:
  • Sensors / inputs / Drivers / Knobs / Switches etc
  • Support for Logic / Function block nodes etc
  • Support for Time Zones (Import & Export)
  • Licence packs to suit every site
  • Standard Tridium graphics libraries
  • Support for custom graphics

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