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IoT E-Ink Display


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IoT E-Ink Display


Introducing the Milesight IoT E-ink Display, a revolutionary solution designed to streamline operations while championing sustainability. Say goodbye to paper clutter and hello to efficient, eco-friendly practices with this cutting-edge device.

Featuring a generous E-ink screen with striking red, white, and black color display options, the Milesight IoT E-ink Display offers unparalleled visibility and clarity. Customized templates, available in multiple modules and languages, empower users to tailor content to their specific needs, ensuring seamless integration into any environment.

What sets the Milesight IoT E-ink Display apart is its exceptional energy efficiency, boasting up to 5 years of battery life. With an open API and LoRaWAN® Button functionality, this versatile device supports a myriad of applications, from smart signage to environmental monitoring. Whether managing operations locally or remotely, this display enables effortless control for bulk deployment, making it the ideal choice for businesses seeking to enhance efficiency and sustainability.


Enhance Business Efficiency and Sustainability with E-Ink Technology
Empower your business with the DS3604 featuring a high-definition E-Ink display, ideal for versatile content presentation across various sectors including retail, warehouse and logistics management, and smart production lines.

Optimal Clarity on a 4.2-Inch Screen Utilizing a Three Pigment Ink System
The E-Ink digital paper utilizes micro-particles within a thin film layer, ensuring excellent readability and crisp visuals.

Flexible, Durable, and Lightweight 4.2-Inch Screen
Featuring a bi-stable EPD (E-Ink Display) in black, white, and red colors, with a 400 × 300-pixel display and a wide viewing angle of nearly 180°.

Effortlessly Achieve Energy-Saving Operations
The bistable E-Ink display retains images even without power, facilitating energy-saving operations effortlessly.

Promote Sustainability with Reusable Displays and Minimal Energy Consumption
The device requires no paper, conserves battery power during idle times, and minimizes light pollution, contributing to a greener environment.

Tailored Templates to Meet Your Specific Requirements
Customizable text, images, and QR codes are complemented by a multi-functional button with optional LoRaWAN® technology, providing flexible solutions for various scenarios.

Transform Your Workspace into a Greener and More Productive Environment
Utilize pre-fabricated templates such as hot desk reservation and workplace display signage for seamless integration into smart office solutions, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Streamline Booking Systems and Facility Management
Offering clearer booking systems for employees, real-time information for building managers, and occupancy metrics for facility managers.

Seamless Software Integration with Provided APIs
Transform technology components into customized digital signage solutions tailored to your business needs.

Long-Term Battery Operation for Extended Service Life
Built-in replaceable lithium batteries ensure over 5 years of service life, providing reliable performance for an extended period.

Effortless Management and Maintenance
Supports multicast features for remote configurations in bulk, facilitating quick modification of displayed content both locally and remotely.

Harness Energy Efficiency Solutions with Milesight Sensing Products
Discover how Milesight sensing products can enhance energy efficiency across your operations.

Utilise LoRaWAN® Technology for Enhanced Connectivity
Benefit from penetrating signals with data transmission ranges of up to 2 km in urban areas and 15 km in rural areas, ensuring high compatibility with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers.

Efficient Cloud Data Management
Access data visualisation dashboards for comprehensive insights, leverage automatic triggers for scene-based automation, and receive regular reports and real-time alerts via Android and iOS apps for convenient device management.

Simplified NFC Configuration
Effortlessly switch on/off and configure devices via NFC technology from mobile phones or PCs, streamlining setup and maintenance processes.

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