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Industrial LoRaWAN Gateway


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Milesight UG56 LoRaWAN Gateway with LTE

Industrial LoRaWAN Gateway

Introducing the Milesight UG56 LoRaWAN Gateway with LTE, your ultimate solution for bridging the gap in reliable IoT connectivity. Designed with industrial-grade durability, this gateway ensures seamless communication in even the harshest environments. Its robust construction guarantees longevity and reliability, making it the ideal choice for industrial applications where connectivity is paramount.

Equipped with advanced Listen Before Talk (LBT) technology, this gateway enhances spectrum efficiency by ensuring that the channel is clear before transmitting data. This feature minimizes interference and maximizes network reliability, ensuring uninterrupted data transmission across your IoT network.

With a powerful gateway fleet management system, you can easily monitor and manage multiple gateways from a centralized interface. This streamlined approach simplifies network administration, allowing you to efficiently scale your IoT infrastructure without compromising on performance. Additionally, the embedded network server provides a cost-effective solution for managing your IoT data, offering seamless integration and compatibility with various IoT applications. With support for multiple backhaul connectivities and compatibility with global LoRaWAN® frequency plans, the Milesight Industrial LoRaWAN® Gateway offers unparalleled versatility and connectivity for your IoT projects.


Bridging Connectivity Gaps: UG56 LoRaWAN® Gateway

Unlocking Reliable Connectivity
Introducing UG56, a high-performance 8-channel LoRaWAN® gateway designed to seamlessly connect industrial applications with steadfast reliability.

Penetrating Through Obstacles
Capable of penetrating three floors up and down within buildings, UG56 extends its reach to cover a radius of up to 2 km in urban areas and an impressive 15 km in rural settings.

Empowering IoT Connectivity at Scale
Equipped with the advanced Semtech SX1302 LoRa chip, UG56 boasts the capacity to connect with over 2000 LoRaWAN® nodes, ensuring expansive coverage and scalability.

Powerful Performance Features
Featuring 8 channels and a quad-core CPU, UG56 delivers robust performance to meet the demands of diverse industrial environments.

Optimised Coverage and Placement
With its compact design, UG56 can be seamlessly integrated into small equipment cabinets. Users can strategically place the magnetic antenna or optional fiber-glass antenna for optimized signal coverage across various areas.

Gateway Fleet Management
Harness the Gateway Fleet feature to streamline data transmission by enabling multiple agent gateways to communicate with a central controller gateway, simplifying LoRaWAN® network deployment and management.

Versatile Backhaul Connectivity
Stay seamlessly connected via Ethernet, cellular, and Wi-Fi networks for uninterrupted data transmission.

Support for Multiple Network Servers
In addition to its built-in network server, UG56 is compatible with various network server platforms such as TTN, ChirpStack, Everynet, Senet, and more, offering flexibility and interoperability.

Seamless Integration with Building Management Systems
Leverage BACnet/IP support to seamlessly integrate real-time data into existing Building Management Systems (BMS), enhancing operational efficiency and control.

Efficient BACnet over LoRaWAN® Integration
Utilize LoRaWAN® as a complementary data channel for control applications, seamlessly integrating with existing BACnet protocols and systems without the need for extensive modifications.

Cloud-Based Data Management
Gain comprehensive insights with a user-friendly Data Visualization Dashboard, automated triggers for scene-based automation with Milesight IoT sensors, regular reports, real-time alerts, and convenient device management through Android and iOS apps.

Flexible Installation Options
Choose from versatile installation options including wall mounting and desktop mounting to suit your specific deployment needs.


Datasheet  User guide  Payload Decoder Firmware & SDK

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