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EM300 Tilt Sensor


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EM300 Tilt Sensor


The Milesight EM310 Tilt Sensor is designed to provide precise angle measurement and failure prevention in a variety of applications. Equipped with a built-in MEMS accelerometer sensor, this device ensures accurate detection of tilt angles, allowing for proactive measures to prevent potential failures. Its compact size and IP67 waterproof rating make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, providing reliability even in challenging environments.

With flexible threshold condition settings, the EM310 Tilt Sensor offers customisable parameters to suit specific monitoring needs. Users can easily configure the sensor via NFC technology, streamlining the setup process and enhancing usability. Additionally, the device features built-in zero adjustments, ensuring consistent and reliable performance over time. Whether it's for industrial equipment, structural monitoring, or other tilt-sensitive applications, the EM310 Tilt Sensor delivers dependable performance and peace of mind.

Invest in the Milesight EM310 Tilt Sensor for robust tilt monitoring solutions that prioritise accuracy and reliability. Its advanced features, including a MEMS accelerometer sensor, waterproof design, and customisable threshold settings, make it an ideal choice for various industries. With easy configuration via NFC and built-in zero adjustments, this sensor offers convenience and longevity, helping businesses mitigate risks and optimise operational efficiency.


Ease of Use and Compact Size
The Milesight EM310 LoRaWAN® Tilt Sensor simplifies setup, requiring only the adjustment of initial surface and angle thresholds. Leveraging X, Y, Z tilt angles, it provides accurate real-time object status monitoring effortlessly.

Built-in 3-Axis Accelerometer
Easily installable onto objects, the EM310-TILT promptly triggers alarms when tilt angles surpass set thresholds, utilizing X, Y, Z coordinates for precise detection.

IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof
With an IP67 rating, the EM310-TILT is suitable for harsh outdoor environments and is easily maintainable with its waterproof and dustproof design.

Flexible Threshold Condition Settings
Customise up to 36 trigger rules to accommodate various application scenarios such as landslide monitoring, tunnel distortion monitoring, parking garage barrier monitoring, and cranes and construction machines monitoring.

LoRaWAN® Based
Utilising LoRaWAN® technology, the EM310-TILT offers penetrating signals with a data transmission range of up to 2 km in urban areas and 15 km in rural areas, ensuring compatibility with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers.

Cloud Data Management
Data Visualisation Dashboard: Instant access to all figures for comprehensive insights.
Automatic Triggers: Collaborate interactively with Milesight IoT sensors for scene-based automation.
Regular Reports & Real-Time Alerts: Gain data-driven insights through scheduled reports and instant alerts.
Android & iOS App: Effortlessly manage devices with the user-friendly mobile app.

NFC Configuration
Conveniently switch devices on/off and configure them wirelessly using NFC technology.

Installation in Better Ways
Mounting Method: Provides guidance on effective mounting procedures.
Installation Requirement: Ensures proper setup for optimal performance.

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