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Edge 514 IoT controller


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Edge 514 IoT controller

The JENEsys Edge 514 IoT Controller is a fully programmable Niagara 4 Controller with 14 I/Os built-in and expandable I/Os available, delivering edge connectivity, control, data access and analytics for today’s buildings, energy management applications, equipment and machine-to-machine applications within a secure environment. Taking Niagara 4 to edge with real-time control, the JENEsys Edge 514 utilises the same familiar ProBuilder/Workbench software, Niagara programming tools and Fox Protocol.

The JENEsys Edge 514 combines Niagara 4 with Onyxx, a proven IoT edge hardware platform, enabling facility managers, operators, system integrators and contractors to use a known user interface (ProBuilder/Workbench) to achieve operational efficiencies between multiple systems and/or devices, facility management functions, equipment control and business applications.


  • Powered by Niagara 4
  • Standard Niagara 4 drivers – Niagara 4 Network (Fox), BACnet, Modbus, Web and oBIX
  • 14 points of I/O on board and enables an Onyxx Network:
    • 4 digital outputs - Form A contacts, 24 V at 0.5 A
    • 4 analog outputs - 0-10 V DC
    • 6 universal inputs:
      • Type-3 10 K ohm thermistors
      • Resistance 0-100 K ohms
      • 0-10 Vdc
      • 0-20 mA using a 499 ohn resistor
      • Pulse input; up to 500 Hz
  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet (2), RS-485 (2), Mini-B USB (1), Micro USB (1)
  • Standard RS-485 multi-drop communication bus
  • 4G eMMC flash memory
  • 1GHz AM335x ARM Cortex A8 Processor
  • Existing Niagara 4 stations can be added
  • 24 V AC/DC power input, ideal for equipment control and monitoring applications
  • Runs on Onyxx – an extensible platform
  • Leverages global capacity licenses
  • 35 mm DIN rail or flat panel mounting
  • Supports JAVA Web Start
  • Open NiCS
  • Fully programmable with ProBuilder/Workbench
  • Real-time Linux OS
  • Add up to 8 additional extender modules (at 34 points of I/O each) for a maximum of 286 points
  • Fast and increased memory capacity
  • Small unit footprint

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