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AI ToF People Counting Sensor – Power Supply DC


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AI ToF People Counting Sensor Please specify White or Black - Power Supply DC


Introducing the VS133 AI Time-of-Flight (ToF) People Counting Sensor by Milesight, a revolutionary solution redefining crowd management and analytics. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, this sensor offers more than just basic people counting, delivering actionable insights for diverse applications. With its advanced capabilities, businesses can make informed decisions to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Equipped with Line Crossing and Regional People Counting features, the VS133 ensures precise tracking of individuals within defined areas. Its Staff Detection functionality and ability to differentiate between adults and children enable tailored analysis, facilitating optimised resource allocation and improved customer service. Moreover, the sensor provides insightful group counting, offering invaluable data for facility planning and management.

Beyond traditional people counting, the VS133 boasts an Advanced Heat Map feature, offering visual representation of crowd density and movement patterns. With 100% anonymous detection, in compliance with GDPR regulations, privacy concerns are addressed while maintaining accuracy. Plus, with an industry-leading accuracy of 99.8%, businesses can rely on precise data for strategic decision-making. Its extendable multi-device stitching capability and wide compatibility ensure seamless integration into various environments, opening doors to extended applications and enhanced functionalities. Experience unparallelled insights with the Milesight VS133 AI ToF People Counting Sensor, transforming the way you understand and manage crowds.


Enhanced People Counting Accuracy with On-Board AI Algorithm
Introducing a cutting-edge people counting sensor empowered by an embedded AI algorithm, revolutionising accuracy and adaptability for diverse scenarios. By discerning between various crowds and filtering out extraneous counts, this next-generation sensor ensures unparallelled precision and optimised performance.

Simultaneous Line Crossing and Regional People Counting
By enabling concurrent inbound and outbound people counting, this smart sensor delivers precise and straightforward insights. Its ability to detect U-shaped trajectories eliminates redundant counts, accurately distinguishing individuals who truly enter a space from those merely passing through.

Advanced Recognition Capabilities
Beyond reliable bidirectional counting, this intelligent sensor offers targeted recognition, identifying specific categories such as staff and differentiating between adults and children. This precision enhances operational efficiency and facilitates tailored services.

Advanced Fill Level Detection and Analysis
Leveraging advanced Time of Flight (ToF) and AI technologies, this sensor accurately detects shopping cart fill levels, enabling optimised staff allocation, queue management, and deeper insights into customer behaviour.

Comprehensive Heat Map Analysis
Capturing people flow, dwell time, and motion, this sensor generates detailed heat maps, visually depicting foot traffic distribution and intensity. These insights inform strategic decisions, enhancing user experiences, store layouts, and operational efficiency.

Seamless Multi-Device Integration
With effortless configuration, up to four sensors can be seamlessly fused to extend coverage, providing integrated insights for large areas and valuable data consolidation.

Industry-Leading Accuracy and Adaptability
With robust ToF technology and advanced algorithms, this sensor achieves an unmatched 99.8% accuracy, effectively filtering non-object targets and minimising undetected occurrences across various environments.

GDPR-Compliant Anonymous Detection
Operating within GDPR guidelines, this sensor ensures anonymity while capturing in-depth images, safeguarding personal information and privacy.

Universal Performance in Varied Environments
Capable of operating in all lighting conditions, including low light and harsh outdoor settings, this sensor's ToF technology and powerful AI ensure optimal performance across diverse scenarios.

User-Friendly Interface and Management
The sensor's intuitive interface offers streamlined configuration, informative reports, and enhanced interactivity, providing a seamless user experience.

Broad Compatibility and Connectivity Options
Supporting LoRaWAN® and Ethernet transmission, this sensor offers flexibility for diverse applications. Open APIs and MQTT(s)/HTTP facilitate customisation, unlocking the full potential of the system.

Versatile Installation Options
With flexible ceiling and doorframe mounting capabilities, including optional brackets, this sensor ensures hassle-free installation in any environment.

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