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Niagara 4.11u1 is now available! 

The general availability of Niagara Framework® 4 is now available. This release is the first update to our standard release version Niagara Framework 4.11 and includes updates to 3rd party libraries along with critical defects reported from the field. We are dedicated to continuously improving the quality of our products, and as such, this software update is designed to promote greater customer stability and success for smart building and IoT deployments. From the largest enterprise customers to small single-site building owners, Niagara 4 end-users can directly access, analyze and act on a wide range of operational data in an easy, customized and secure way. Customers are strongly encouraged to migrate to this latest release of Niagara 4.

Here is a recap of how this release evolves Niagara Framework in terms of visualization, rapid deployment, security, edge, connectivity, certification and IT compliance. 


  • Archive History Provider: The Archive History Provider streamlines access to years of historical Niagara data stored in a relational database (RDB) for rapid visualization and analysis. With the Archive History Provider, customers can seamlessly baseline years of historical trends against new data, thereby enabling more information-rich analyses of equipment operation, while also improving the systems’ overall efficiency.  
  • WebWiresheet:WebWiresheet is an HTML5 browser-based configuration tool which extends the functionality of the existing Wiresheet application in Workbench. This new application view removes the need for a thick-client Workbench when configuring wiresheet logic, as you can now login to the station via a browser to perform any necessary logic configuration changes. Even more, you can now use a tablet to make wiresheet changes.  
  • Alarm Archive Provider: With this new 4.11 feature, cleared alarms using the Alarm Orion Service will persist in a station during a loss of connectivity with your RDB. Upon reconnection, the Archive Alarm Provider will update your database tables with the application records, thus enhancing the stability of your building systems.  
  • BACnet/SC: BACnet Secure Connect (BACnet/SC), a new datalink layer option introduced by ASHRAE® in 2019, addresses modern IP infrastructure and IT security requirements related to existing building controls networks. This exciting new protocol is now available in Niagara 4.11. Just open the BACnet palette to get started! The Niagara implementation of BACnet/SC supports the following functionality:
    • Supervisor as a Hub 
    • JACE® as a Hub 
    • Supervisor as a Node Switch 
    • JACE as a Node Switch 
  • TLS 1.3: A new Transport Layer Security mechanism has been added in 4.11 to support BACnet/SC. 
  • Interpolate Tail Functionality in WebChart: This new feature in WebChart displays an interpolate tail for line, bar, and shade graphs. 
  • Photo ID: New for Niagara Enterprise Security™ customers, this HTML5 view enables a user to easily capture, crop and save photos used for ID card creation. The Card Template Manager has also been updated to eliminate Java dependencies.
  • Provisioning Enhancements: You can now edit provisioning steps in Niagara 4.11. This is a time-saver when you need to correct a mistake in a provisioning job or when you want to port the same provisioning process to a different site with different configurations. In both cases, you can start with a copy, edit as needed, and then re-run the job array. You’ll gain valuable time that would otherwise be spent running another job step! 
Be ready to offer Niagara 4.11u1 as soon as Tridium announces the release to the global Niagara Community:
  1. Learn more about Niagara 4.11u1 by downloading the  features overview and release notes.  New for Niagara 4.11, see Hidden Gems – An ongoing collection of small, yet powerful features that will add value to your stations and workflows. 
  2. Get familiar with the breaking changes with this release – Weekly Schedule Summary override and Keystore Permission Checks
  3. Read more about Niagara 4.9+ and IT Network Scanners
  4. Review the upgrade considerations prior to upgrading to Niagara 4.11.   
  5. Download the Niagara Supervisor Data Sheet
  6. Visit the events page to find 4.11-related TridiumTalks on demand.
  7. Review the support start and end dates for current and legacy versions of the Niagara Framework 

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