Niagara 4 Trend Supervisor

Combine our powerful and flexible Trend IP Driver with the Niagara 4 Supervisor and you have the View/EyeQ Supervisor for Trend Building Management Systems. Avoid the lock-down of Trend and lock-in by building your graphical reporting and analytical environment on a fully open version of Niagara 4, which can be engineered by any Niagara certified professional and not just Trend partners. This means you can stay open to monitoring, integration and analytical capabilities only available with the fully open version of Niagara. Keep in step with the very latest versions of Niagara including features and security patches rather than being behind OEM branded versions.

Our Trend Web Supervisor is built on HTML5, so comes fully scalable on any platform, from mobile to desktop. All standard Niagara drivers are already included (Modbus/BACnet etc) with packs starting at 500 points (inc. Global Capacity Points).