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XOVIS people counting – Base licence pack


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XOVIS people counting – Base licence pack

XOVIS people counting – Base licence pack

The Xovis driver allows access to the data reported by your Xovis 3D sensors. Supported devices include:
  • PC2S
  • PC2R
  • PC3
  • PC2R Outdoor
PC3 Outdoor
The Xovis devices should be commissioned with Firmware Version 5.0 and above. All Xovis devices should
be powered and have have been fully configured including calibration, creation of scenes & associated

The Xovis driver allows for the easy integration of devices and discovery of the configured data points within
logics (in / out, counts etc) and the associated geomatics scenes (lines & zones). Data points can include
occupancy count, persons in / out of zone, gender in / out of a zone. Please note that certain features will be
dependent on the license features added to the sensing device (i.e. gender recognition).


  • Secure local connection
  • Discovery of all Xovis sensors
  • Discovery of all configured logic points, for example:
    • Occupancy level
    • Logic/zone in
    • Logic/zone out
  • Licence packs to suit every project
  • Requires Global Capacity Point Licences

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