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Passage People Counter Sensor


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Passage People Counter Sensor


Introducing the Milesight VS350 LoRaWAN® People Counter, a cutting-edge solution for accurately monitoring foot traffic in various environments. Engineered with precision and efficiency in mind, this innovative device offers flexible bi-directional people counting

capabilities, ensuring accurate data collection without breaking the bank. With its LoRaWAN® wireless deployment, the VS350 ensures seamless integration into existing IoT networks, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising on accuracy.

With the Milesight VS350 People Counter, you can confidently track foot traffic with unmatched precision. Featuring 100% anonymous detection and a large detection area, this device provides comprehensive insights into customer behaviour without infringing on privacy. Its long-lasting battery life, spanning an impressive four years, coupled with high report frequency, ensures uninterrupted monitoring and analysis, empowering businesses to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Setting up the Milesight VS350 People Counter is a breeze, thanks to its unique Milesight D2D communication and easy installation process. Whether you're managing retail spaces, public venues, or transportation hubs, this advanced solution offers a seamless and cost-effective way to count foot traffic accurately. With the VS350, count smart and spend wise, revolutionising the way you gather insights and optimise operations for enhanced efficiency and profitability.


Passage People Counting in A Cost-Effective Way
Revolutionise your foot traffic tracking with the Passage People Counter, equipped with bi-directional detection using dual PIR sensors. This innovative solution offers unparallelled accuracy while remaining cost-effective.

Seamless LoRaWAN® Wireless Deployment
Forget the hassle of network connections with our easy and convenient LoRaWAN® wireless deployment. Benefit from low power consumption, long-distance transmission, deep penetration, and anonymous detection, guaranteed by LoRaWAN® technologies.

Accurate Bi-Directional People Counting
Utilising dual PIR sensors, our Passage People Counter detects infrared radiation changes to identify individuals' presence. Two sensors work harmoniously to differentiate bidirectional movements, ensuring clear and precise two-way people counting based on signal waveform analysis.

100% Anonymous Detection for Privacy Protection
Rest assured with our LoRaWAN® narrow bandwidth transmission, ensuring data privacy with no personally identifiable information transmitted. GDPR compliance is assured, providing peace of mind alongside accurate tracking.

Extended 4-Year Service Life
Benefitting from the low power consumption LoRaWAN® protocol, our sensor boasts a remarkable 4-year battery life with a reporting frequency of every 10 minutes. Ideal for various scenarios, it meets most user demands effectively.

Cost-Effective Accuracy Performance
Experience unparallelled accuracy of up to 95% when detecting single individuals, and an impressive 80% accuracy in capturing flow tendencies. Our people counter blends precision and cost-effectiveness, providing reliable data for informed decision-making across various applications.

Wide Detection Area
Engineered for passages with extensive coverage, our people counter spans 3 metres in height and 2.8 metres in width, ensuring no movement goes unnoticed. Gain comprehensive insights into foot traffic within your target area effortlessly.

Efficient Milesight D2D Communication
Utilising the exclusive Milesight LoRa®-based protocol, our people counter communicates seamlessly with other Milesight LoRaWAN® devices within 1 second. This enables intelligent linkage, facilitating accurate, timely, and automatic responses for enhanced performance.

Simple Installation
Transforming passages with our innovative people counter has never been easier. Featuring a user-friendly design and easy installation brackets, our sensor ensures a hassle-free deployment process, allowing you to start monitoring foot traffic promptly.

NFC Configuration
Wirelessly switch On/Off and configure devices effortlessly, streamlining your operational efficiency.

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