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FCU Controller


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FCU Controller

FCU Controller

The FCU Controller (Fan Coil Unit) with Modbus Connectivity is a versatile and advanced control solution designed for efficient HVAC management. It features 18 built-in inputs and outputs, including 4 special inputs for voltage, resistance, and dry contact, and 4 digital inputs for dry contact. The controller supports 3 analogue outputs for 0-10V actuators and fan speed control, along with 3 relays for fan speeds, a 10A electric heater relay, and a 6A cooling actuator relay. Suitable for both 2-pipe and 4-pipe systems, it comes with a pre-loaded universal application and user-friendly configuration. Status LEDs provide a clear indication for all inputs, outputs, and communication, while the RS-485 connection operates as a Modbus RTU slave, with slave ID and baud rate easily configured via DIP switches.


  • Fan Coil Unit Controller with Modbus Connectivity
  • Built-in 18 Inputs/Outputs
  • 4x Special Inputs – Voltage Resistance Dry Contact
  • 4x Digital Inputs – Dry Contact
  • 3x Analog Outputs for 0-10V Actuators and Fan Speed
  • 3x 6A Relays for 3x Fan Speeds
  • 1x 10A Electric Heater Relay
  • 1x 6A Cooling Actuator Relay
  • Pre-loaded Universal Application
  • Support 2-Pipe or 4-Pipe Systems
  • User Friendly Configuration
  • Status LEDs for all Inputs, Outputs and Communication
  • RS-485 Connection as Modbus RTU Slave
  • Slave ID and Baud-rate Configured with DIP Switches


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