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EM500 CO2 Sensor 4 in 1


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EM500 CO2 Sensor 4 in 1

EM500 CO2 Sensor 4 in 1

The EM500 CO2 Sensor 4 in 1 by Milesight, a versatile and robust solution for precise environmental monitoring. With the ability to measure CO2 levels ranging from 400 ppm to 5,000 ppm, this sensor provides accurate detection suitable for a wide range of applications. Featuring four sensors in one compact device, the EM500 offers flexibility and adaptability for various outdoor settings.

Built to endure harsh environmental conditions, the EM500 boasts an IP65 rating, ensuring resilience and reliability in demanding environments. Its LoRaWAN® wireless deployment capability facilitates seamless connectivity with minimal power consumption, guaranteeing data integrity and simplified management. Moreover, the sensor's NFC-enabled easy configuration streamlines setup processes, enhancing operational efficiency.

A standout feature of the EM500 is its impressive battery life, offering up to 10 years of continuous operation. This extended lifespan minimises the need for frequent battery replacements, making it a cost-effective solution for long-term environmental monitoring requirements. Whether deployed in industrial, agricultural, or commercial settings, the EM500 CO2 Sensor 4 in 1 delivers dependable data for informed decision-making and efficient resource management.


Robust EM500 Series Outdoor LoRaWAN® Sensor
The EM500-CO2 is engineered for precise monitoring of CO2 concentration, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure in outdoor environments.

More Than Just a Carbon Dioxide Sensor
The EM500-CO2 is tailored for the accurate measurement of gaseous carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations in challenging surroundings. It proves invaluable in applications where CO2 levels are critical, such as greenhouse management, building ventilation, and fruit and vegetable storage. Additionally, it provides essential data on temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.

Ultra-Rugged Enclosure for Harsh Environments
Crafted to endure the most demanding conditions, the EM500-CO2 operates reliably in outdoor and harsh environments.

Typical Applications
Smart Wine Cellar
Carbon dioxide, a by-product of wine fermentation, poses a potential hazard due to its heavier-than-air density, which can lead to undetectable pockets forming on winery floors, endangering operators' safety.

Forest Fire Detection
In light of the escalating threat of forest fires, the integration of CO2 monitoring into detection systems offers a proactive approach to mitigating environmental risks and responding effectively to emergencies.

Long Battery Life
Equipped with high-capacity, easily replaceable batteries, the EM500-CO2 streamlines installation and maintenance processes while minimising wiring expenses.

LoRaWAN® Based
Penetrating Signals: Boasting a data transmission range of up to 2 km in urban areas and 15 km in rural settings.
High Compatibility: Compliant with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers.

Cloud Data Management
Data Visualisation Dashboard: Comprehensive insights at a glance.
Automatic Triggers: Seamless integration with Milesight IoT sensors enables scene-based automation.

Regular Reports & Real-Time Alerts: Data-driven insights ensure timely responses to changing conditions.
Android & iOS App: Effortlessly manage devices via mobile or PC.

Easy Configuration
Simple on/off switching and configuration via NFC technology from mobile phones or PCs.

Installation Options
Versatile mounting options including wall, pole, and DIN rail mounts enhance deployment flexibility


Datasheet  User guide  Payload Decoder Firmware & SDK

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