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EM500 Ultrasonic Distance


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EM500 Ultrasonic


Introducing the EM500 CO2 LoRaWAN® Sensor from Milesight IoT, a powerful solution engineered to enhance industrial distance and level measurement with precision and accuracy. Utilising ultrasonic waves, this sensor offers reliable non-contact detection, ensuring dependable performance in various industrial settings. With its wide measuring range and versatile probing options, it adapts effortlessly to diverse environments, delivering consistent data for informed decision-making.

Built to withstand demanding conditions, the EM500 CO2 sensor features exceptional IP67-rated performance and UV resistance, guaranteeing durability and longevity in harsh industrial environments. Its robust design ensures dependable operation even in challenging outdoor installations, minimising downtime and maintenance costs. With an impressive 10-year battery life, it provides long-term monitoring without the need for frequent replacements, optimising operational efficiency.

Seamlessly integrating with Milesight IoT Cloud for remote management, the EM500 CO2 LoRaWAN® Sensor enables real-time monitoring and control from any location. Thanks to its easy NFC configuration, setup is streamlined, allowing for swift deployment and hassle-free operation. Empower your industrial operations with the reliability and convenience of the EM500 CO2

LoRaWAN® Sensor from Milesight IoT, setting new standards in industrial distance and level measurement.


Distance and Levels Measured Professionally
This ultrasonic distance/level sensor is engineered to facilitate measurements of liquids or objects with ease, utilising ultrasonic waves. It finds applicability across diverse industries.

Accurate Non-Contact Detection with Ultrasonic Waves
Utilising ultrasonic waves for non-contact detection, this device can accurately detect a wide array of liquids, including corrosive chemicals, with an impressive precision of up to ±1% accuracy. This feature seamlessly integrates into numerous industrial applications, particularly in sectors such as plastic, petroleum, fertiliser, and others involving significant chemical usage.

Wide Measuring Range of 0.25m to 10m with Various Probing Options
Offering an extensive measurement range from 0.25 to 10m, with multiple probing options available, this device is highly adaptable to different scenarios. It excels in measuring containers of varying sizes, including those with small openings, and can be customised accordingly.

Exceptional IP67 Rated Performance and UV Resistant
With outstanding IP67 and UV resistance performance, this device operates reliably even in harsh environments, making it suitable for industrial and outdoor applications such as ski resorts, manufacturing industries, and more.

10 Years Long Battery Life

LoRaWAN® Wireless Deployment
Empowered with advanced LoRaWAN® technology, it ensures highly secure wireless data transmission, preventing data tampering and messy wiring. This simplifies the installation process and ensures premium-quality data transmission.

Cloud Data Management
Data Visualisation Dashboard:
Provides a comprehensive overview of all figures
Automatic Triggers:
Enables interactive collaboration with Milesight IoT sensors for scene-based automation
Regular Reports & Real-Time Alerts:
Delivers data-driven insights
Android & iOS App:
Allows convenient device management through mobile devices

NFC Configuration
Facilitates device activation and configuration via NFC technology from a mobile phone or PC.

Versatile Installation
The EM500-SWL LoRaWAN® Pipe Pressure Sensor is designed for installation in various settings, including Wall Mounting, Pole Mounting, and DIN Rail Mounting.

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