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EM300 Tilt Sensor – Supports 36 Groups of Threshold Settings


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EM300 Tilt Sensor - Supports 36 Groups of Threshold Settings


Introducing the Milesight EM320 Tilt Sensor, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize the realm of tilt detection with its unmatched precision and reliability. Engineered to deliver exceptional accuracy, this sensor offers unparalleled insights into angular movements, ensuring optimal performance across various industrial and commercial applications. With a commitment to quality, Milesight brings you a tilt sensor that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, setting new standards in the industry.

Equipped with high-precision technology, the EM320 Tilt Sensor guarantees reliable and consistent measurements, providing accurate data crucial for critical decision-making

processes. Its advanced design enables seamless integration into diverse environments, offering flexible settings to accommodate a wide range of applications. Whether monitoring structural stability, tracking equipment orientation, or enhancing safety measures, this sensor delivers unparalleled performance, empowering businesses to operate with confidence and efficiency.

Crafted with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, the Milesight EM320 Tilt Sensor boasts an artful design housed within a robust enclosure, ensuring durability and longevity even in the most challenging conditions. Its sleek and compact build enhances installation versatility while maintaining a professional appearance. With its blend of precision engineering, flexible adaptability, and durable construction, the EM320 Tilt Sensor stands as a testament to Milesight's commitment to innovation and excellence in IoT technology.


Enhanced Precision and Dependability
The EM320-TILT harnesses cutting-edge MEMS Accelerometer technology to ensure unparalleled precision and steadfast measurement of the tilt angles across three axes: X, Y, and Z. Featuring an extensive measurement range spanning from -90° to +90°, the EM320-TILT achieves an extraordinary resolution of 0.01° coupled with an accuracy rating of ±1°, guaranteeing exceptional reliability in any application.

Enhanced Features:

Flexible Settings:
With the capability of accommodating up to 36 customised trigger alarms based on X, Y, and Z angles or inclinations, the EM320-TILT offers unparallelled versatility, catering to diverse applications and ensuring adaptability to specific user requirements.

Relative Initial Position Customisation:
Unlike conventional fixed-position systems, the EM320-TILT allows users to set their preferred initial position, enabling precise detection of angle changes and seamless transmission of threshold alarms. This feature streamlines installation processes and elevates user interaction.

Safety Assurance Across Applications:
Monitoring tilt angles and inclinations is pivotal for ensuring safety and structural stability. By promptly detecting any deviations, the EM320-TILT provides proactive alerts, enabling timely intervention to mitigate potential risks in various applications.

Robust Design and Enclosure:
Featuring a robust IP67-rated enclosure, the EM320-TILT is engineered to withstand challenging environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance even in the harshest settings.

LoRaWAN® Connectivity:
Benefiting from LoRaWAN® technology, the EM320-TILT delivers penetrating signals with a transmission range of up to 2 km in urban areas and 15 km in rural environments. It seamlessly integrates with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers, ensuring broad compatibility and efficient data transmission.

Cloud-Based Data Management:
Effortlessly manage and monitor data through an intuitive visualisation dashboard, offering comprehensive insights at a glance. The EM320-TILT supports automatic triggers for seamless collaboration with Milesight IoT sensors, facilitating scene-based automation. Receive regular reports and real-time alerts for data-driven decision-making. Additionally, manage devices conveniently through dedicated Android and iOS apps, empowering users with effortless control and accessibility.

NFC Configuration:
Streamline device setup and configuration wirelessly through NFC technology, enabling convenient on/off switching and customisation of device settings.

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