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8UI IP (BACnet IP / Modbus TCP)


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8UI IP (BACnet IP / Modbus TCP)


Multiprotocol I/O Module in a Compact Size
Powerful I/O module that works as a remote I/O over IP with open protocols, BACnet IP and Modbus TCP/IP. The module is equipped with 8 universal inputs with a built-in temperature table for over twenty types of temperature sensors in both Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees. A compact size and ease of installation allow the module to be fitted even into limited space installations.

8 Universal Inputs 
Support for over 20 types of temperature sensors and voltage, resistance, current, and dry contact measurements on each universal input.

Modbus TCP/IP to Modbus RTU/ASCII Gateway 
Built-in Modbus gateway on the COM1 port enables integration of up to 128 Modbus slave devices to the IP layer.

Simplified Configuration and Commissioning Process
The module allows for seamless configuration over BACnet, Modbus, built-in web server, or dedicated free of charge tool. The ability to be powered from a USB port facilitates local testing and a straightforward updating process.


Hardware Specification Ethernet interface RS485 interface mini USB type B interface Status LED indicators DIN rail mounted Inputs 8 Universal Inputs (UI) Temperature input in Celcius degrees: 10K3A1, 10K4A1, Carel 10K, 20K6A1, 2.2K3A1, 3K3A1, 30K6A1, SIE1, TAC1, SAT1, Pt1000, Ni1000 0C, Ni 1000 20C, Ni1000 LG 2 Temperature input in Fahrenheit degrees: 10K Type2, 10K type3, 20K, 3K, PT 1000, Ni 1000 32F, Ni 1000 70F Resistive input 0-1000 kΩ Voltage input 0-10 V DC Current input 0-20 mA Dry contact input Communication BACnet IP Modbus TCP/IP Modbus TCP/IP to Modbus RTU/ASCII gateway Free software iSMA Configurator Built-in web server / Dedicated Niagara Framework modules Power Supply 24 V DC ± 20% 24 V AC ± 20%   Datasheet

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