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16DI, 8UI, 8UO, 8DO On Board IP


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16DI, 8UI, 8UO, 8DO On Board IP

16DI, 8UI, 8UO, 8DO On Board IP

Introducing our latest expansion module for Building Automation Systems: the 16DI, 8UI, 8UO, 8DO On Board IP Expansion Module. This versatile module boasts 16 Digital Inputs for pulse counting, 8 Universal Inputs, 8 Digital Outputs, and 8 Universal Outputs, which can function as Analog Outputs or Inputs for Digital Inputs/pulse. With user-friendly configuration and status LEDs for all IO’s and communication, monitoring and management are a breeze. The module connects via RS-485 or TCP as Modbus RTU Slave, with easy configuration of Slave ID and Baud-rate via DIP switches. Upgrade your system effortlessly with this powerful and flexible expansion module.


• Expansion Module for Building Automation Systems
• 16 Digital Inputs (DI / Pulse Count)
• 8 Universal Inputs
• 8 Digital Outputs
• 8 Universal Outputs (AO or Input DI / Pulse)
• User Friendly Configuration
• Status LEDs for all IO’s and Communication
• RS-485 Connection / TCP as Modbus RTU Slave
• Slave ID and Baud-rate Configured with DIP Switches


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