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Evolution of Jace controller

February 20, 2024

The JACE controllers, both the 8000 and the 9000, serve as compact, embedded IoT platforms designed to connect various devices and subsystems. They offer integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling, and network management capabilities. With internet connectivity, they allow users to access data and graphical displays remotely via standard web browsers, Ethernet, or wireless LAN. Both controllers operate with Niagara 4, providing optimal performance and flexibility for larger facilities and multi-building applications.

The JACE 9000 stands out with its enhanced features and capabilities compared to the JACE 8000. One significant difference is the inclusion of Niagara Enterprise Security and Niagara Analytics applications within the Niagara Framework on the JACE 9000. These additions provide advanced security measures and data analytics capabilities, respectively, allowing for more comprehensive control and insight into system operations. Additionally, the licencing model for the JACE 9000 is simplified, making it easier for users to access standard drivers and optional expansion modules for greater flexibility and scalability.
The JACE 9000 and JACE 8000 are both controllers designed for connecting and controlling devices worldwide, but the JACE 9000 introduces several enhancements that make it stand out in terms of performance, capacity, and efficiency.
Let's delve into the key differences between the two models;

Optimised for Niagara 4

The JACE 9000 is specifically optimised for the Niagara 4 framework. It maximises the features of Niagara 4, offering an enhanced user experience with HTML5 views, advanced charting, and comprehensive data visualisation. These optimisations contribute to a more streamlined and efficient control system, ensuring that users can fully leverage the capabilities of Niagara 4 for superior device management.

Increased Performance

One of the most significant differences lies in the performance of the JACE 9000. Equipped with a Quad Core processor, double the amount of RAM and storage, it delivers increased processing power and capacity. This results in faster bootup and station load times, enhancing overall system efficiency. The JACE 9000's compatibility with existing expansion models and identical footprint to past models ensures a seamless replacement for future updates.

Efficient Global Design

The JACE 9000 builds upon the global design principles of Niagara 4, offering a pure Web interface based on HTML5 with responsive UI, charting, and data visualisation. The common design language, better reporting, robust security features, and improved device management contribute to an enhanced user experience. This efficient global design allows users to take full advantage of tagging, templating, and visualisation, making it a versatile solution for various applications.

Internet Connectivity and Web-Serving Capabilities

Optimised for running Niagara Framework® 4.13, the JACE 9000 provides internet connectivity and web-serving capabilities. This enables integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling, and network management. The ability to stream data and graphical displays to standard web browsers via Ethernet, wireless LAN, or remote internet access adds a layer of accessibility and flexibility to the JACE 9000.

The JACE 9000 surpasses the JACE 8000 with its optimised features for Niagara 4, increased performance, and efficient global design. Its enhanced capabilities make it essential for those seeking a powerful and future-proof solution for connecting and controlling devices worldwide. Whether it's the improved processing power, seamless updates, or advanced web-serving capabilities, the JACE 9000 stands out as a dramatic evolution in the field of control systems.

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