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Tyrrell eBMS IoT Controller

Tyrrell eBMS IoT Controller

Point Pack

eBMS IoT Control (ARM) is an official Tridium Niagara 4 portability device combining onboard IO, communications connectivity and optional cellular interface, powered by Tridium Niagara 4. The eBMS IoT Control ARM Specification are as follows:

‣ Q7 NXP® i.MX6 Cortex A9 1.0 GHz Quad Core (4 x 1.0 GHz, 1MB L2 cache, 3W)
‣ 2GB DDR3L RAM ‣ 4GB eMMC Storage ‣ 2x Ethernet Ports
‣ 3x RS485 Connector (2x 3 Pin Connector / 1x 4 Pin Edge Connector / 24vDC & Data)
‣ 1x RS232 (1x 9 Pin Terminal) ‣ Onboard Inputs / Outputs (I/O)
‣ 6x Universal Inputs
‣ 6x Digital Inputs
‣ 4x Digital Outputs
‣ 8x Analogue Outputs
‣ 2x USB ‣ Optional Cellular Hat for 4G / 3G / 2G Connectivity
‣ 24v Power Supply (AC / DC)

The Controller running Niagara 4 supports all standard drivers (BACnet, Modbus etc) and provides full support for 3rd party license additions for other expansion drivers & services. The Controller is also available in an ‘Open Access’ format for developer customers. This provides a fully open Linux Access with no Niagara 4 installed.

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