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4G programmable IoT modem with 8x digital I/O, 2x ADC

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MTX-IoT-S is an innovative and powerful all-in-one solution for the IoT sector. It features a very effective ULP (Ultra Low Power) system that allows the device to work with primary batteries for years. This feature, together with its set of interfaces (RS232, RS485, USB, DI/O, ADC…) and the embedded MTX-Tunnel firmware, provides the MTX-IoT-S with a router-like functionality, and makes this modem ideal for most IoT applications, with no need for further hardware, shortening the time-to-market, and providing a cost-effective solution.


  • 4G/3G/2G connectivity
  • USB 2.0
  • RS232
  • RS485
  • 8x GPIOs (convertible to pulse input counter)
  • 1x 1Wire
  • 2x ADC (0-10V and 4-20mA)
  • 4x DCA (0-10V and 20mA output max.)
  • GPS (optional)
  • Relay (Version without Relay, also available)
  • RF expansion 433/686/913MHz (optional)
  • Dual SIM: 1x external access microSIM, 1x internal access SIM
  • Power Supply
  • Operating status LEDs
  • Real Time Clock with alarm functionality
  • Accelerometer
  • Battery
  • Ultra Low Power


  • 2x SMA F: LTE/4G
  • 1x SMA F: 3G
  • 1x SMA F: GPS
  • MiniUSB B
  • 1x DB9: RS232
  • 4×2 terminal block: power supply, RS485, tamper, relay
  • 8×2 terminal block: 8x I/O, 1x 1Wire, 2x ADC, 4x DCA
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