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Lynxspring JENEsys Edge 534 N4 Controller

Lynxspring JENEsys Edge 534 N4 Controller


Lynxspring JENEsys Edge 534 IoT controller

The Edge 534 is an official Tridium portability device.  Combining the power of a JACE with 34 points of IO in an unbeatable combination for delivering Niagara 4 at the edge.



The JENEsys Edge 534 IoT Controller for Niagara 4 is a fully programable Niagara 4 Controller with 34 IO’s built-in and expandable up to 306 IO’s, delivering edge connectivity, interoperability, data access and analytics for today’s buildings, energy management, machine-to-machine applications and IoT environments

Taking Niagara to the edge real time control, the JENEsys Edge 534 Controller for Niagara 4 utilises the same familiar Niagara Workbench software, Niagara programming tools and Fox Protocol.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast and increased memory capacity
  • Small unit footprint (110.5 x 110.25 x 60 mm)
  • Compatible with the majority of standard and additional 3rd party drivers
  • Replacement for Sedona, Galaxy and M2M based controllers
  • Edge 534 is a fully programmable controller
  • 16x UI, 10 digital outputs, 8 analog outputs on board
  • 2 x on board RS485 ports
  • Direct connection to 7 x XM34 IO modules (272 points in total)

JENEsys Edge 534 IoT controller specification

Powered by Niagara 4.11
Global Capacity license options for 100 / 300 points.
Additional points in packs of 25 Points.
Onyx IO licensed separately – does not use Global Capacity Points.
All Standard Niagara 4 Drivers on-board
16 Universal Inputs
10 Digital Outputs (24 V at 0.5 A)
8 Analog Outputs
2x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
2x RS-485
4GB eMMC flash memory
1GHz AM335x ARM Cortex A-8 Processor
24 Vac/dc power input, ideal for equipment control and monitoring applications
Runs on Onyxx®—an extensible platform
35 mm DIN rail or flat panel mounting


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