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I/O module with Modbus RTU/ASCII or BACnet MSTP communication- 4DI and 4DO with hand operating.

The iSMA-B-4I4O-H is a product in the I/O modules MINI series, specifically designed to complement the MIX series I/O modules. Unlike the MIX series, the MINI line is ideal for applications requiring hand-operating switches. These modules come equipped with built-in light, cooling, and heating algorithms, enabling them to function as standalone controllers. They also support time relay modes dedicated to present detectors.

Similar to the MIX modules, the iSMA-B-4I4O-H is factory-equipped with two widely used open communication protocols: Modbus (ASCII, RTU, TCP/IP) and BACnet (MSTP, IP). The communication protocol can be easily selected using DIP switches. There are two versions available: one with an RS485 interface and the other with Ethernet and RS485 interfaces. The Ethernet and RS485 version also has the functionality of acting as a "Modbus Gateway TCP/IP to Modbus ASCII/RTU," allowing connection with additional modules/devices that communicate via Modbus RS485.

A significant advantage of using iSMA-B-4I4O-H modules with open communication standards is their versatility in both new and existing installations, as part of an existing Building Management System (BMS). The modules are addressed using rotary switches, simplifying and expediting the commissioning process. Additionally, a built-in mini USB port allows for initial configuration of the unit without the need for a power supply.

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