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eBMS IO CON (Modbus RS485 Master Network Interface)

eBMS IO CON (Modbus RS485 Master Network Interface)

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The eBMS/IO range of I/O modules is designed for use as local I/O within motor control cabinets or as remote I/O connected via TCP or RS485 Modbus.

The eBMS/IO CON provides a conversion from Modbus RS485 to eBMS IO Modules. Each network of eBMS/IO modules would require a ‘Master’ module at the start of the network - the CON. Additional remote I/O can then be connected over RS485 using the CON-R module.

A maximum of 10 eBMIO modules can be connected directly to the CON using the edge connector. The eBMS/IO network will allow for a maximum of 31 x I/O modules.

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