The Xovis 3D sensors are designed to tackle any people counting and tracking challenge with exceptional precision. Whether it is a bustling airport terminal, a crowded retail store, or a seasonal outdoor market, Xovis sensors deliver real-time data that businesses can rely on. The simple design, smart functionality, and embedded processing of these sensors form the foundation of their effectiveness.

What sets Xovis People Counting Software apart is its utilisation of AI-based algorithms. These algorithms further enhance the accuracy and flexibility of people counting and people flow management. By using artificial intelligence, Xovis sensors are able to adapt to different scenarios and capture data with incredible precision. This means businesses can make informed decisions based on reliable insights, optimising their operations, resources, and spaces.

With Xovis People Counting Software, businesses can gain valuable insights into customer behaviour, optimise store layouts, and improve overall operational efficiency. Whether it is managing crowd flow, enhancing security measures, or analysing visitor patterns, Xovis sensors provide the necessary data to make data-driven decisions.

With its advanced technology and high precision, Xovis 3D sensors are the ultimate solution for accurately measuring people flow and counting. This ultimately leads to improved customer experiences, better resource allocation, and increased conversion rates.

The Xovis driver allows access to the data reported by your Xovis 3D sensors.

Supported devices include:
‣ PC2S
‣ PC2R
‣ PC3
‣ PC2R Outdoor
‣ PC3 Outdoor

The Xovis devices should be commissioned with Firmware Version 5.0 and above. All Xovis devices should be powered and have have been fully configured including calibration, creation of scenes & associated logics.

The Xovis driver allows for the easy integration of devices and discovery of the configured data points within logics (in / out, counts etc) and the associated geomatic scenes (lines & zones). Data points can include occupancy count, persons in / out of zone, gender in / out of a zone.