Niagara Framework Easily Connects Intelligent Systems

The Niagara Framework® is a comprehensive software infrastructure designed
to tackle the challenges associated with developing device-to-enterprise
applications. It functions as a central console, facilitating the connection
between real-time operational data and the individuals and systems responsible
for managing workflows in various domains such as smart buildings, data
centers, industrial processes, smart cities, and other business enterprises.


Niagara plays a crucial role in providing secure device connectivity and data
normalization capabilities, which are essential for acquiring and accessing
operational data from different silos at the device and equipment levels. The
core control engine of Niagara goes beyond mere data monitoring; it empowers
users to create logical sequences that can control programming based on data

Systems integrators benefit from the data management and user presentation
applications integrated into Niagara. These tools help manage histories,
schedules, and alarms efficiently. Additionally, systems integrators can develop
custom user interfaces for end users using Niagara's built-in tools or opt to
acquire graphical UI templates and components from Niagara's numerous
partners specializing in graphics and dashboarding.

Over the past two decades, Niagara has seen continuous improvement driven by
customer feedback, and it has cultivated a vibrant Niagara Community of
integration and software development partners. As a result, Niagara stands as
the most comprehensive platform available on the market. With each new
release, Tridium developers have introduced features and functionality that
support customers across various key vectors.