Tridium Niagara 4

How Does Tridium Software Maintenance Work?

When does software maintenance start on a Tridium license (JACE, WebSup or portability controller)?

Software maintenance starts when the software license is purchased.

Is software maintenance and warranty the same thing?

Software maintenance enables access and updates to the latest Niagara build. For example, updating the software from N4.9 > N41.0.
Warranty covers the JACE8000 from manufacturing defects.

Does a Niagara license (JACE / WebSup) automatically include maintenance at the time of purchase?

Yes, it includes a minimum of 18 months from the date of the license activation. There are initial purchase options for 18 months, 3 years & 5 years of SMA.

Can I buy more than 1 year of software maintenance at a time?

SMA can be purchased for 1, 3 or 5 year periods.

How will multiple quantities of maintenance appear on a license?

Dates will run consecutively (i.e. buy 2x 1 Year SMA = 2 years of SMA).
Software maintenance dates will show in the license header details and in license view.

What if I choose not to renew my Niagara 4 maintenance?

If the SMA has expired on the Tridium license, it will continue to run the station. However, the JACE / WebSup will not have access to any new versions, update builds or patched releases for Niagara 4.

Gap charges will apply if you choose to renew once the SMA has expired. This means if your maintenance expires, and you miss 12 months of SMA you would need to purchase a 3 year SMA license. The 'missed' maintenance period of 12 months would be used straight away, leaving 2 years of active SMA.

What ports need to be configured for Niagara 4 to work across a firewall?

Tridium Niagara 4 will us several default ports to access a Host / Platform / Station.

Secure PortsSecure Platform - 5011
Secure FOX - 4911
Secure Web - 443

Non-Secure Ports (Legacy)It is strongly recommended to ONLY use secure connections.
Non-Secure Platform - 3011
Non-Secure Fox - 1911
Non-Secure Web - 80

It is strongly recommended to never expose a controller to internet / public facing traffic. The use of a more secure connection should be implemented (i.e. VPN).

How do I find my computer’s Niagara Host ID?

On a clean installation of Niagara 4 the Host ID may not be presented in the licensing web page.

The machine Host ID can be located by:

Start Menu > All Programs > Vykon N4 Supervisor 4.x >

Launch the console program

Type 'nre -hostid'

The JACE8000 / WebSup is running Niagara 4.9 (or above) and I am unable to install any 3rd party drivers?

Niagara 4.9 introduced a new security feature called Module Signing, this requires all 3rd party software modules to be code signed with a matching certificate file from the developer.

You are now required to ensure that the matching certificate file is installed to the USER TRUST STORE of both the engineer's Workbench (Workbench > Menu > Tools > Certificate Management > User Trust Store) and the target Host's Certificate Management (Host > Platform > Certificate Management > User Trust Store).

Once the Certificate is installed to both of these places the JACE can be commissioned with the 3rd party software. It can then also be opened in the Workbench's palette window for engieering use.

My Station (JACE8000 or WebSup) is reporting a license fault, but I have a license for Global Capacity Points / Niagara Network Connections?

The licensing in Niagara 4 will consume global capacity licenses upon the creation of point(s). IF you then remove a group of points from the Station the global capacity point licenses will not be returned until the Station is restarted.

The same rule applies to a Web Supervisor and Niagara Network connections. If you add and remove JACE connections, the license will not be available again until the Station is restarted.

You can check the license capacity of the Station by right clicking on the Station icon and selecting SPY > Metrics