Is the JENEsys Edge 534 made in the USA?


Are there opportunities to rebrand the JENEsys Edge 534?

Yes, contact Tyrrell Products sales team at +44 1942 732819.

Does the JENEsys Edge 534 have built-in Wi-Fi?

Not currently.

Will there be local control options for an on-board LCD screen or some sort of interface on the JENEsys Edge 534 itself?

In the future, the top panel (LEDs) will be removable and is intended to support various panels, including an LCD interface.

What is the connector screw size? What is the supported wire size?

Connector screw size: 3/32 slotted Supported wire size: 28-16 AWG

Are the connectors removable?


On the JENEsys Edge 534, can the BACnet points be pre-configured to have unique, application-specific names? (HWValveMod vs. AO8)?

Absolutely, the JENEsys Edge 534 functions as a standard BACnet device, so you can treat it just like you treat any other BACnet device.

How is the Onyxx XM 34IO connected to a JENEsys Edge 534? Is there a maximum distance?

They can be connected by their Onyxx Network ports. Daisy chain them with 2-wire shielded twisted pair cable. Maximum wire length between devices is 30 feet.

What is the limit of IO that I can have on a JENEsys Edge 534?

306 total.

Can you add graphics on the JENEsys Edge 534?

Yes, it’s fully capable.