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Fire Management

Manage fire alarms easily from a web based system, easily locating, controlling and managing your alarms.

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Managing your buildings fire alarms can be a daunting task, but we’re here to help you!

With an integrated fire system, you will be able to manage all your alarms from your different buildings easily with our device configuration screen. 

Each device on your system is shown on this screen and allows you to edit, manage and see which alarm is either showing a fault or is sending a fire alert.

“The maintenance reporting features of the software are invaluable to estates, the on-site fire officer and maintenance teams. Within a couple of minutes , we had complete confidence that all buildings are safely compliant. The reports easily allow our maintenance staff to manage and verify 100% of the fire alarm checks have been completed within the required timeline” – Chris, London Brunel University“

As a building manager, on the active device display panel, you can pick your building, floor, room and then alarm, meaning you can manage all your alarms and devices from one screen.

Plus as your campus or buildings grows, you can easily add more buildings, floors and alarms, keeping your fire system up to date.

Manage buildings in different locations at one location

Perfect for a chain of stores or buildings under one control centre. Although CrossTalk3.1 will be installed on site for reporting fires, you can have a dashboard to monitor and manage multiple buildings from one location.