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All the interfaces and views to manage your fire alarm system

Active site navigation

View all your fire and smoke alarms in each campus and area, building, floor and room simply by clicking into each one, instantly seeing where a problem may lie.

Device isolations

Once in your chosen room or floor, you can easily see what all your devices and alarms are doing, and de-activate, test and isolate from the click of a button.

Active assignment view

View all of your alarms across all of your campus’s and buildings from one screen. You can even go in and easily isolate or edit your alarms.

Device edit view

Once in your active assignment view, you can edit your alarms, changing their image, name and colour, helping keep your interface user friendly.

Simple web based configuration

CrossTalk can easily be set up through a web based interface, our training gives you the skills and a set up package to give you tools to quote your own CrossTalk jobs.

Isolation manager

Isolate your alarms from the click of a button, allowing any engineer or fire safety professional to go in and test it, without setting off the whole system.