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Easily integrate panels from Advanced, Ziton, Gent, Notifier, Kentec, Morley and Kidde.


Reports and alarms can be sent to anywhere you require with instructions on how to react.


Manage fire alarms easily form a web based system, easily locating, controlling and managing your alarms.

CrossTalk 3 Active Site Navigation

Map view of all your alarms

View all your alarms in one user friendly integrated system, this allows you to view all your alarms from different brands and systems, giving you full control of your fire reporting system. You can view all interfaces here.


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Fire panel integration

CrossTalk3.1 supports panels from Advanced, Gent, Kentec, Kidde, Morley, Notifier, Protec, Rafiki, Zyton & Vesda. CrossTalk3 is open for building systems connectivity, all open standard drivers such as M-bus, BACnet, Modbus, & much more are included free of charge, as well as more being added all the time. There are over 120 proprietary drivers for all manner of systems such as Trend as well as DB connectivity such as Oracle, SQL and CSV.

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History of CrossTalk

Based on Niagara4, CrossTalk3.1 is a web-based multi-vendor graphical reporting system with dedicated alarm reporting & management client. It allows users, engineers &  managers to control and monitor all the fire alarm systems in the building or campus as well as providing an open platform for integration of many other systems on site, such as BMS & Security.

CrossTalk in its original PC based incarnation has been serving large and small sites for the last 20 years. By building CrossTalk on top of Niagara, we have taken all the dedicated, brilliant features and benefits from it’s predecessor, including the dedicated reporting and alarm management in the form of our own dedicated browser and alarm management user interface for Windows and Linux. The client can be customised to play sounds and reveal custom actions messages for specific devices or panels. The web based custom user interface provides our isolation manager feature as well as the active device viewer, and more.

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